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This page provides a link to the current sets of problems.

Packs containing the problems for schools are available for download. Please click here.
Please see the ‘Guidelines’ for submission dates.

Single copies of each set of problems can be obtained from the links below. The problems will appear at the appropriate time.

Last update
14/8/23- All Round 1 questions uploaded
25/10/23- Primary Round 2 questions uploaded
23/11/23 - Secondary Round 2 questions uploaded
9/1/24 - Primary Round 3 questions uploaded

Problems 2023-2024 due in by 2023-2024 due by
Secondary Senior 1 3 November 2023 Senior 2 25 February 2024
Middle 1 3 November 2023 Middle 2 25 February 2024
Junior 1 3 November 2023 Junior 2 25 February 2024
  2023-2024 2023-2024 due in by 2023-2024
Primary Set 1 29 September 2023 Set 2 24 November 2023 Set 3 9 February 2024

Please note that it is standard practice to leave some previous items on the website as, particularly for the solutions, they may be used as ‘style guides’.

Books of problems

The problems of earlier sessions form an excellent resource. The books below, published by The Scottish Mathematical Council, include the problems and solutions for the years indicated. (Each of the first three books contains material from three academic years.)

Years covered Price (includes p&p)
Mathematical Challenges II 1991-1994 A few left
Mathematical Challenges III 1994- 1997 £7.50
Mathematical Challenges IV 1997-2000 £8.00
Mathematical Challenges V 2000-2003 £8.00
Mathematical Challenges VI 2003-2006 £8.00
Primary Mathematical Challenges £5.00

Copies of these can be obtained from

Bill Richardson,



Elgin IV30 8RJ

Cheques with order are preferred.

Cheques should be made payable to 'SMC Mathematical Challenge'.

In addition, it seems unlikely that any further books will be printed so questions and solutions for 2006-2018 can be accessed at the Mathematical Challenges Archive.

Comments on the usefulness of these to wpr3145@gmail.com would be welcome.