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Mathematical Challenges − a brief history

The competition was established in 1976 which was 10 years after the Scottish Mathematical Council was founded. In the first few years there were no divisions just sets of questions which, realistically, were only for seniors. This was the pattern until the three secondary divisions appeared in 1991−1992. The primary division was added in 1995−1996. The Mathematical Challenges competition was the brainchild of the late Edward M. Patterson, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Aberdeen. He was the chair of the National Committee from 1976 until 2000.


A book, Mathematical Challenges, which covered the years

1976−1977; 1977−1978; 1978−1979; 1979−1980;
1980−1981; 1981−1982; 1982−1983; 1983−1984;
1984−1985; 1985−1986; 1986−1987; 1987−1988;

was published in 1989 by Blackie.

The three years:

1988−1989; 1989−1990; 1990−1991;

have never been published (but do exist in electronic form).

The following books covered the years stated:

A Mathematical Challenges II 1991−1992; 1992−1993; 1993−1994.
B Mathematical Challenges III 1994−1995; 1995−1996; 1996−1997.
C Mathematical Challenges IV 1997−1998; 1998−1999; 1999−2000.
D Mathematical Challenges V 2000−2001; 2001−2002; 2002−2003.
E Mathematical Challenges VI 2003−2004; 2004−2005; 2005−2006.

The book, Primary Mathematical Challenges, was published in 2002 and covered the six years:

1995−1996; 1996−1997; 1997−1998;
1998−1999; 1999−2000; 2000−2001.

The book A, is now out of print but the rest are still available.

It seems unlikely that in the foreseeable future that any more books of questions and solutions will be published but there is a tremendous amount of material which should be made available. Therefore, it was decided to publish archive material on the internet. If it was decided to print books, the web versions could easily be removed. In 2016, the initial archive covering the five years was created:

2006−2007; 2007−2008; 2008−2009; 2009−2010; 2010−2011;

as been made available. Depending on user feedback, more might be added.