Prices for Back Issues of the Mathematical Gazette


The MA holds a stock which includes many issues from 1950 onwards and some from even earlier.

In addition, it is able to supply extracts from all back issues (for a modest charge).


The costs are:

  Year Volume Issues Cost
From 2004 88 511 onwards £17 each
Earlier (as available) 510 backwards £7 each


All orders for back issues would have the normal MA handling charge added which is currently £1.50. To order, send an e-mail to:



Prices for extracts

The Association will provide copies of sections of a Gazette at the following rates:


Initial charge per order £5
Charge per page £0.50


Extracts can be provided as:
(a) photocopies Postal address needed
(b) electronic versions e-mail address needed

To order, send an e-mail to: or telephone 0116 221 0013 to discuss your requirements.


Second-hand copies

There is a considerable stock of Gazettes passed back to the MA. For information on availability and cost, contact Bill Richardson (



Microfilm copies

It is a little known fact (and surprising too) that all issues of the Gazette are available on microfilm in 35mm format. The information below is from the company that produces the microfilms.


ProQuest Information and Learning sells the micro-edition of publications to be used for archival purposes. We film each publication cover-to-cover which preserves the editorial content. We also include a title page with each micro-edition which states that duplication or resale of the information without permission is prohibited. This is an 'on-demand' program, meaning a certain number of customers orders are required to begin the filming process for each volume year.

Our primary markets are academic, public, government and K-14 libraries. We advertise through marketing materials, conferences, trade shows and our website.

To find your publication on our website:


Click on UMI icon at the bottom of screen


Select SIM (Periodicals and Newspapers in Microfilm) on the right-hand side of screen


Click off Newspapers so that Periodicals is the only one checked


Type in Mathematical Gazette

Click "Search" or hit Enter


Hyperlink on Mathematical Gazette


Click on "Get Formats"